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Add cross platform social features to your game in minutes.

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Social Leaderboards

Enable players to compete against real friends Candy Crush style!

Push Challenges

Re-engage players instantly with high score challenges via push.


Reward players and encourage exploration of your game.

Smart Invites

Acquire more users by making it easy to invite more friends.


Turn a single player game into an async multiplayer competition.

Wrapper APIs

OpenKit works with both Game Center and Google Game Services.

Featured Games

What developers are saying.

"A great and easy-to-implement tool that allows cross-platform leaderboards. Plus, it's open source and the guys behind it are nice, responsive, and work closely with you every step of the way."

Fixpoint Productions

"OpenKit takes all the pain out of implementing cross platform social features like Leaderboards and Challenges. It's saved us a huge amount of development time."

Two Tails

"We're having a blast with our game, mainly because of all the social stuff that we could only do because of OpenKIt. It's easy to use, really stable and fast."

Bongfish Games

"Working with Lou and Todd on new sdk features and platforms was great. Their rock-solid product along with expert support and good natured encouragement really helped Flightless just focus on creating our game. We expect nothing less from their new OpenKit service"


"A clean API on top of simple services that just work the way you expect, with a dedicated team to maintain all the infrastructure for us. Compared to other solutions, OpenKit has been very easy to get up and running and doesn’t get in the way by trying to be too smart with our data."

Oyatsukai Games

"Being able to abstract out key components of any project and leverage them for multiple platforms eases many development effort pains. The team at OpenKit understands that and we're looking forward to collaborating with them to realize that focus."

Get Set Games

Integrate our SDK in less than an hour.

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